Engineering at UserTesting - A Day in the Life

Written by Paul Hepworth

Being a part of a team that's welcoming, open, and respectful is something we don't take lightly. Enjoy this candid look at what our Engineering team is all about. This is the first of many video we will share to give an insider perspective to our team and how we work.

At our annual All Hands Meeting at our Mountain View office this past January, we talked with several members of our engineering team to learn about what a day in the life of a UT Engineer is like.

We hired Changelog to help us produce a candid look at our Engineering team. Everyone who wanted to participate sat down for a 20 minute interview – answering everything from “What’s your favorite emoji and why?”, to debunking a common myth or misconception about themselves. It was a ton of fun, and our team absolutely loved it.

What we learned was just how important the people are that we work with. You might think the most important things would be the programming languages we choose to work with, or the frameworks we use, or even how we handle code review and continuous integration. Sure, each of those things are important aspects of building a great foundation for an engineering team – but it’s really all about the people.

Enjoy this candid look at what our engineering team is all about. This is first in a series of videos we’ll share to give a behind the scenes look at our team, our values, and how we work.